Plasma Pen Fibroblasting

Plasma Pen Fibroblasting uses bursts of plasma energy,  immediately causing  small, controlled superficial injuries to the skin’s surface, while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the underlayer.  The surface “crusts” are visible for 5-9 days; full tightening results take 8-12 weeks. 
This treatment is not for all skin types, and a consultation is first required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we age the structure of our skin begins to break down and the deeper layers no longer support the surface. This degenerative process creates sagging and wrinkling, loose, aged skin. The only way, as an adult, to gain new scaffolding – new collagen – is to reactivate the collagen producing cells, the fibrocytes, (hence the term “Fibroblasting”). This is done by creating purposeful, controlled micro injuries.

The Plasma Pen resurfaces the top layer of the skin and stimulates the next layer where collagen production occurs. There is an immediate “shrinkage” of the skin being treated, and the wound healing cascade begins, creating new building blocks for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, age reversal. Visible results can be immediate, but the full collagen benefits won’t be realized for 12 weeks.

Plasma Pen can also be used to reduce pore size, treat scarring, remove pigmentation (brown spots), remove skin tags, treat ruptured oil glands, or simply as a skin resurfacer (this is called a “Plasma Peel”). The most exciting thing is that it can be used on virtually any area of the skin, including eye lids, where nothing, short of surgery, has ever been available.

The Plasma Pen hand-piece converts electricity into electrostatic energy, transmitting energized plasma in its gaseous form – nitrogen plasma – to the skin from about 1mm above it. The nitrogen plasma transfers rapidly to the skin’s epidermal (surface) layer while simultaneously heating and disrupting the deeper dermal structure. This is the “controlled injury” that stimulates the rejuvenation process. The Planoplas Plasma Pen is the only handheld plasma device that is FDA cleared.

When you arrive we will discuss contraindications, insuring you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, what to expect for an outcome, what to expect during and post treatment and how to care for your skin afterward. We will take “Before” photos and discuss exactly what area is to be treated. A numbing cream will be applied which will sit for 25 minutes.

The treatment begins with a “spraying” technique for resurfacing the area. Next, a secondary numbing, followed by a “dot” technique, purposely creating a micro injury which stimulates inflammation and the healing cascade. Know that, although the numbing cream is helpful, it is not a completely numb process. However, it is not considered painful by most clients. Some say it is similar to getting a tattoo.

​Treatment time varies, depending on the size of area, but could be 1-3 hours. Larger areas may need to be broken down into more than one treatment for the best possible healing response.

You will have tiny little scab dots across the entire treated area and it will feel similar to a sunburn for the rest of that day.

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We call this a “social” downtime, meaning there is no real chance of infection or damage (other than by the sun) by being out in public. It’s just that you won’t look your best. ☺ Plan on sticking around the house for a few days.

The first day will feel like a sunburn, it will feel hot and tight. Know that this is a good thing!

Days 2-3: Inflammation will be visible, especially if the treated area was the eyes or forehead. If the actual eyelids were treated, the inflammation may be significant. Inflammation is good and should not be discouraged with anti inflammatory products such as ibuprofen, aspirin or ice packs. Refrigerated saline wipes, gently pressed into the treated area are great for soothing.

Days 3-7: New epithelial tissue is revealed as the tiny carbon crusts flake off. None of this is painful, but may be itchy. The crusts will flake off naturally, and are usually gone within 7 days. The new skin below could be a bit pink for several more days, sometimes even weeks.

Weeks 1-12: Along with the formation of the new top layer of skin, the Plasma Pen treatment initiates a comprehensive healing response which takes place over the next 12 weeks. There is extensive dermal remodeling that includes new collagen synthesis, production of elastin, cross linking between collagen and elastin fibrils (this is what strengthens, plumps, inflates and lifts the structure of the skin), and the reversal of premature degradation of the dermal elastic tissue.

12 Weeks-3 years: Many other exciting things happen including the formation of new blood vessels and the release of growth factors. Among these growth factors are cytokines – small proteins important in modulating our immune response, our cell aging, and the repair and growth of new cells. All these positive changes help slow down or prevent many future negative effects caused by aging.
Results: Smoother, plumper, rejuvenated, more supple, youthful skin.

youthinator plasma pen post treatment

It really depends on many factors – the area being treated, the laxity of the skin, the depth of the wrinkle, the health and lifestyle of the client, and the desired outcome. A second or even third treatment may be desired.


  • Avoid sun tanning for 4-6 weeks before treatment. We recommend using SPF40 to prep your skin for 2-4 weeks before hand, especially if you are naturally darker skinned.
  • Depending on your heritage and the amount of melanin in the skin, some may want to use a Tyrosinaise inhibitor for 2-4 weeks ahead of time to insure no overproduction of pigment. I have that product on hand.
  • Avoid any other procedures in the same area for 3-4 weeks ahead of time.
  • ​Discontinue RetinA for 3-4 days ahead of time.
  • ​Remove contact lenses and eyelash extensions if getting an eye treatment.
  • Purchase a vitamin C supplement, enough for 2000mg per day for 7 days. Purchase saline water/wipes, or a jug of distilled water.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise immediately following treatment so that you do not create excess inflammation.
  • Avoid excess sweating until crusts come off, which is usually within 6-7 days.
  • Use nothing topically except the product you will be sent home with until the crusts come off.
  • The area can be cleansed daily with lukewarm water and a soft, lint free cloth just for removing oils-no need to thoroughly cleanse. You can shower, but afterward rinse the treated area with distilled water or saline water/wipes, then reapply  a light layer of your aftercare product 2x per day while your crusts are present. If you are feeling extra stingy/itchy in the first couple days, use a refrigerated saline wipe to gently press into the skin for soothing.
  • Apply the aftercare product 2 times per day while the crusts are present.
  • Take 2000-2500mg of Vitamin C per day and consume at least 64oz of water. Consuming healthy food and decreasing non healthy things (such as alcohol) also aid in the healing process.
  • Do not pick at the crusts. Allow them to slough off naturally.
  • Avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, ice packs or any other tools for decreasing inflammation. Remember, it is an important part of the healing.
  • Sleeping on you back with your head slightly elevated is helpful for the first few days, especially important if you received an eye treatment.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for 72 hours after an eye treatment.
  • Stay out of the sun until the crusts fall off and sunscreen can be applied. But this new skin will be extra susceptible to damage, so you absolutely MUST use SPF40 or above while your skin is in the healing stages and should continue to do for at least 12 weeks (and forever). Preserve you new skin!!
  • All activities and products can be resumed after the crusts have sloughed off and the skin is no longer pink.

If a second treatment in the same area is desired, you must wait a full 12 weeks. This gives the newly formed collagen enough time to fully transform. However, if you’d like to treat a different area, we can do so after only 2 weeks.

Happy Clients


“I used to be incredibly embarrassed about my skin, acne scarring, sun damage and wrinkles. After having a couple plasma treatments with Mick, my skin has totally changed. The overall texture has greatly improved, scarring is almost gone, and my under-eye wrinkles are greatly diminished. I’ve tried many things, including lasers and peels. Plasma treatments with Mick has by far made the most significant impact on my skin.”

Christie R.


“I was pretty self conscious of my forehead lines, so scheduled a full forehead plasma treatment with Mick. She answered all my pre and post care questions and made me feel confident with my choice. Now, 16 months later, my forehead still feels tight, my fine lines are gone, and the deeper lines are so much smoother. I’m excited to have her treat other areas”

Rachel P.


“I went to see Mick because I saw her Facebook post about her new plasma pen and I wanted to see if it would do me any favors. She patiently explained how the plasma pen worked and once I decided to move forward, she did an entire treatment on my neck from right under the chin down to the base of my neck. The procedure was slightly painful but bearable – I’m such a baby when it comes to anything touching my skin. Once the “dots” healed up, my neck skin was much tighter and smoother in appearance. Worth it!”

Haley T.

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